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3 detail images from "Wander: The Fall". Cick on the image below to see the full-size piece.

Jonny and the cat have taken a tumble! They have escaped a dangerous centipede-lik beast by riding on the back of a floating creature, but the pair are dumped off when the thing decides to dive over a subterannean waterfall. After tumbling hundreds of feet, they are caught in midair by a green beam and deposited, unconscious, in the airlock of some great spacecraft.

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"Wander: The Fall" (2013)

pixel art

100 x 2000 pixels

At the end of "Wander: Level 2," Jonny and the cat have fallen over the edge of a cavern waterfall from the back of a floating creature. "The Fall" continues this tableau, as the two plummet hundreds of feet, only to be caught gently by a paralyzing green beam. They are gently placed into an airlock, which then opens, dumping them in a heap at the beginning of "Wander: Level 3".