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3 detail images from "Wander: Part 3". Cick on the image below to see the full-size piece.

Jonny and the cat awake in what seems to be some kind of cave, filled with mechanical components and computers, but also apparently living organisms or giant organs of some sort. Jonny finds a 'breath mask' and recieves 10 HP and 10 XP for picking it up. Heclimbs a spiral stairway and passes above what might be a reactor, then descends a ramp and passes a repair robot welding some machinery.  The cat leads Jonny to a cabinet holding small heart-like 'life readers' and Jonny gains 12 HP, 2 IP and 10 XP for acquiring one. FInally, Jonny comes to an airlock and, looking out, discovers he's inside a giant, living spaceship resembling a piece of driftwood, flying through the cosmos in formation with other similar ships. The completion screen reads HP: 23/38. IP: 45. $16.47. XP: 370.

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"Wander: Level 3" (2013)

pixel art

100 x 2000 pixels

In "Wander: Level 3," Jonny wakes after having dropped over the edge of a high waterfall, caught at the last moment by a beam from a living spaceship, and deposited in an airlock within itself. Jonny begins to wander through the belly of the beast, which appears to have been designed to hold smaller creatures like himself. Computer terminals and screens connect to giant organs via fleshy umbilicals, and repair robots maintain the machinery. Finally, Jonny discovers that the living starship is no longer on earth -- he and the Cat are now inadvertent interplanetary travelers!