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3 detail images from "Wander: Part 4". Cick on the image below to see the full-size piece.

Leaving the safety of the alien ship's airlock, Jonny and the cat find themselves on the surface of another world, with blue-green skies and reddish dirt. The atmosphere begins to choke them both, until Jonny remembers the breath masks he got in level 3, and equips them. He and the cat clamber up a hillside and through a thicket of some kind of plant or coral-like black organism. Jonny scans one of many small yellow glowing nodules attached to the black thicket and discovers it is a bioluminescent organism something like a barnacle. Departing the thicket, Jonny and the cat cross a small natural bridge and encounter a squat, dark, bulbous creature about three times his size. The life reader reveals that it is a scavenger with an internal skeleton as well as protective outer armor plates. It turns to face him as he passes, but does not attack. The duo then come across a pyramid-shaped two-story metal building. As he explores the interior, he finds a box of alien meat, a pressure suit, and 'human chow' pills. Leaving the building, he spies another living alien ship flying in the distance. The completion screen reads, HP: 49/64. IP: 137. $16.47. XP: 610.

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"Wander: Level 4" (2014)

pixel art

100 x 2000 pixels

In "Wander: Level 4", Jonny and the cat quickly discover that an alien world is nowhere to be caught without at least a breath mask. Soon they encounter native life-forms, but manage to avoid being attacked--for now. Who constructed the pyramid-shaped building they encounter, and where are they now?